When the Next Real Estate Crash Happens- Opportunities in the making!

When the Next Real Estate Crash Happens- Opportunities in the making!

When the real estate market has indigestion it is actually creating opportunities!

The media would have us all believe that there is a single real estate market.This is simply not true! So when you start hearing news about the Next Real Estate Crash and to avoid it like the plague, just remember that market indigestion creates opportunities for those who are paying attention!

When the Next Real Estate Crash Happens- Opportunities in the making!


Real Estate is local and very unique. Every state, region, city, suburb, and even neighborhood is a separate market all to itself. This means that wherever you are there is a good chance there is a deal on real estate. If there’s not one to be found in your own backyard then there will be in someone else’s backyard.

This in not the case with stocks however!

Stocks  are a national or global exchange of paper representing massive blocks of companies and industries. If one single industry is negatively affected, then that whole block of paper stock is affected as well. This leads to decreasing, stalling, or worse yet, losing your principal.

Some may counter with, “That’s why I diversify my stocks”. I’m not saying someone can’t profit from investing in the stock market. I do however love what billionaire Warren Buffet has to say about “diversification”.

“Diversification is protection against ignorance. It makes little sense if you know what you are doing.”

– Warren Buffett

Why would you want to spread your money thin over a very volatile system and into sectors or companies you know nothing about? Why not put it into something you can control, mitigate the risks of, and actually profit from during any type of market?

One last thing on this topic that I think is absolutely essential for everyone who invests.

You can, and its highly recommended that you deal with “insider” information from  experts in the field and industry who know the asset class and market in which that asset is located!

There are individuals who consider themselves “mavericks” in the real estate investing arena. They claim they are a self-made millionaire or guru. I simply do not buy this. I have read literally hundreds of books, spent tens of thousands of dollars in seminars and classes and spent tons of time learning it all.

Through all this study and exhausting effort I began noticing something very interesting in what I was immersed in.

Every successful real estate investor has a team to support them!

Success with a Team of Experts

When I learned this it literally changed my whole direction. My efforts and goals then became focused on finding and building my own personal team of experts to help me successfully transact real estate.

I spent literally years searching. I looked at every self proclaimed “turn-key” operation I could find. All I found was people pushing real estate as a product to other investors. I’m not saying what they offer is of no value because it certainly is  to the right people.

I found that it wasn’t for me.

What was I looking for specifically?

Being a rookie or novice I needed some serious help.

My Needs and Wants Criteria:

  1. A personal Coach
  2. That “coach” needed to be successfully investing in real estate.
  3. I needed someone who will assess my personal situation.
  4. Create a plan of action for the short term and long term.
  5. Have relationships in the best markets in the country.
  6. Have a team of professionals that specialize in EVERY aspect of a real estate transactions.
  7. Have a nationwide network of brokers, agents, property management companies etc.

The list could go on and on.

Early on it never occurred to me that I needed all this to be successful so you can imagine my sheer delight when I finally found, after years of looking,what I was looking for!


I found, interviewed, and finally hired the expert insiders in the real estate field that I had been looking for and they have made a world of difference!

Through leveraging their knowledge and system I have been able to put my money to work for me instead of me working extra jobs and overtime just to make ends meet.

My message to the world is: “You don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of investing in order to perform like one!”

This kind of advantage is outlawed for you and me when playing with stocks, so only the “big boys” on Wall Street and in the government get the inside scoop but in the real estate game it’s essential.

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When the Next Real Estate Crash Happens- Opportunities in the making! By Joe Nielsen


  1. Very interesting information. Here in my home town is developing country, every houses have a huge backyard including myself. I have thought about this over times and times but I have no clue of where to start. Thanks for the information,


    • Hey Seth,

      Developing countries often times offer some very good opportunities.
      I would recommend simply educating yourself about the various methods of
      investing then seek out local community and municipal leaders to learn
      about the specific laws governing what you would like to do.

      All the best!

  2. Hi Joe

    Very intersting article, I always thought that investing in real estate was a good way to become wealty without working hard.
    Thank you

    • Hi Daniella,

      Thanks for your comments!
      Yes real estate is a very good way to become wealthy.
      As far as the working hard part, I’d say there is plenty of work involved,
      maybe just not the kind of work one is used to.

  3. Really good post, Joe. I think a lot of people are scared of real estate investing. They would rather trust their 401k manager because they don’t know any better. You make some great points about investing ignorance. Warren’s comment on diversification is a real eye opener!

    • Thanks Dave!

      I appreciate your comment. I agree with you 100%.
      It’s really a shame that we allow the so called financial “experts”
      to tell us what we are smart enough to do and not do with our own money.
      All in all its really not that difficult to do.
      I often like to ask people who speak of real estate investing as being too risky if
      they know what their current returns, yields, tax mitigation strategies, etc.. are
      with their “traditional government qualified plans”. Almost 100% have no idea!
      Scary considering there is roughly 7.5 Trillion dollars in held in those funds and
      most of it is at the mercy of the stock market which will be crashing soon.

  4. Absolutely agree, that’s whet the experts do. When real estate crashes, all the mum & dad investors run away, the investors buy up!

    • Nigel,
      You are spot on! We bought in markets that were hit hard in the crash and now those properties are goldmines.
      We have property in Las Vegas, NV, Mesa, AZ, Orlando, FL etc…
      The unsophisticated lost big and those who knew what they were doing scored big! That’s just how it goes.

  5. Hi Joe,

    So you really recommend real estate investing to make lots of money? I’ve thought about this many times but never knew how to start. There have been these seminars that promise you lots of get rich stuff so I shyed away from it. Is it expensive to get in the door?

    • Hey Ed,

      I absolutely recommend real estate investing to create wealth!
      When done correctly it is the single most predictable and powerful way to create long term wealth.
      You may know that real estate has made more people millionaires than any other thing in history.
      There is much to learn and not all of it is simply technical knowledge.
      You are right to shy away from those seminars! The majority of them are only there to take your money.
      Getting started is not that expensive, but you do need to realize that this is “investing” which means
      there will need to be skin in the game so to speak.

  6. Hi joe, thanks so much for the informative site, it really was beneficial to my research , thanks again.

    • Hey Rob,
      Research is key for any endeavor worth while. Hope to see you back in the future.

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