The Wealthy Invest in Real Estate and So Do Average People

The Wealthy Invest In Real Estate And So Do Average People

The Wealthy Invest in Real Estate and So Do Average PeopleI have a bone to pick with all you self proclaimed “Average People”! You all seem to think only the wealthy invest in real estate.

I’m talking to you. The guy who works in IT, the nice HR lady, or the people serving food in the cafeteria! I’m even talking to you 50 yr old office manager and everyone in between!

When I meet with people the topic of “how we make a living” always comes up. It’s just part of the M.O. of small talk. It usually goes great until I mention that I own multiple single family homes as investments and I plan on investing in many many more!


The most common responses I hear are:

  • That’s scary.
  • You can’t do that at your age.
  • What happens when the economy crashes like back in 2008?
  • I can’t afford that my credit is terrible.
  • That’s too complicated.
  • Only the wealthy invest in real estate and you need to have money to make money.

I am average!

I’m going to be blunt with you. That’s a cop-out! I know because I have said many of those same things before I decided to try something different. Not until I stopped acting like I knew it all did I seriously take the opportunity to investigate and explore exactly what I can do and what steps I can take to accomplish my financial goals.

I decided that I owe it to myself and my future family (I didn’t have a wife and kids at the time.) to be teachable, learn to follow strategic guidance, and never give up! This conscious choice coupled with an amazing team of mentors and professionals have enabled me to DO exactly what my financial and investing game plan outlined!

It didn’t happen over night by any means. I actually found, researched, and hired my power team of professionals two years before I transacted my very first real estate deal! This was no get rich quick infomercial! It’s called having a plan and working the plan! Like a farmer planting crops, it’s predictable and is really simple. The best part is I don’t have to be an expert in every aspect in order to succeed!

Plan for your future!

During those two years I was being educated and advised on how to structure my personal finances so that when the time came to invest I could seize the opportunity! That’s exactly what I did.

Working full-time and going to school full-time with two years worth of tax returns saved up I was now ready to buy my first house! It was truly inspiring and it reaffirmed the principle of plan your work and work your plan! It was working!

So what’s with the title of this article?

I was on my LinkedIn account and saw an article titled Millionaires See Real Estate As Top Investment for 2014. I was naturally interested to I stopped by to read it. I would invite you to do the same.

Why am I talking about it here? The article focuses on the reasons the wealthy are pouring investment money into real estate here in the United States. While I was reading the article those same excuses I hear all the time from “average” people started flooding my mind.

I learned long ago that those thoughts don’t serve my goals very well. So I rehashed in my mind one of my favorite thoughts! “If they are successful then I need to DO what they are doing”! This recurring thought has been there every time I hear myself or someone else starting to cop-out with “average people” excuses.

Behold the Power of Average!

Last summer my brother sent me an email with a link to an article entitled The surprising architects of the Phoenix “miracle”.  This article unveils the sheer unexpected power of average mom and pop investors. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and I’ll tell you why!

You see, I’m average. My father, mother, brothers, sister and friends are all pretty much average too. It’s great to be average! Some of us average people DID what the wealthy DO. Our team helped us acquire single family homes in Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Indianapolis, IN, Utah, and  Orlando, FL  at steep discounts and they did all the work!

We “Average People” have done and are doing what the wealthy people do to create and grow wealth! After all is said and done, we are still average! But I no longer have to stress about my retirement like the “average” American.

So stick around, investigate, explore, and decide to take the first steps on your journey and get your very own Free Game Plan like I did!

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The Wealthy Invest In Real Estate By Joe Nielsen


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head!
    My biggest obstacle is FEAR, and the thought I can’t do what the “big guys” do.

    I’m 60 now and feel like my opportunities are lost, but deep down I know better.

    I have bookmarked this site – thank you – you have some great information here that I know I will need to refer to.

    • Hey Joanne,

      Yes, Fear is the biggest thief of them all.
      When I am fearful I like to remind myself that I
      need to be more childlike in my thinking.
      You might ask why.
      Well if you were to go to a class of 1st Graders
      and ask them if they could do anything they wanted, nearly
      100% of them would say the can do it!
      Somehow we lose that self-confidence and “Can Do” attitude as
      we get older.
      The truth of the matter is that it all boils down to actionable knowledge and
      turning over enough rocks until we find the thing we are after.
      PS: My Dad lost his job at the age of 60 after having worked for the company
      for over 24 years. They took much of his pension and other benefits. So I
      know firsthand how grim and bright the future can be even in later years!

  2. GREAT article! I really loved how you busted that old excuse! My partner and I are on this track, first paying off our debt and investing into our companies right now and then we plan to have as much residual income as we possibly can. I really love the way you write–a no-excuses, you can do it attitude! Great website!

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thank you so much and many congrats to you guys for taking control of your financial lives!
      To many its very intimidating and nerve racking but it really is absolutely necessary.
      Passive or residual income is the greatest as it truly frees you from so much that you
      really would rather not do and allows you to spend your time and energy on things that you
      so enjoy! Hope to see you here again!

  3. Very well written and informative. I’m lucky there’s no houses for sale in my area or I may have started investing in real estate today. Lol.

    • Thanks for your kind words Meagan!

      I’m glad you had a limited supply of “for sale” properties 😉
      As some of my mentors always say, “Education for Effective Action”.

  4. Nice post a lot of good information.

    • Thanks for stopping by Amanda!

  5. Hey, Joe! You are a fantastic writer 🙂 I don’t know much about real estate, or investing.. or investing in real estate but I feel as if I can get clear advice from this site. It has a very trustworthy feel to it, great job my friend! I’ll be returning

    • Hi Joshua,
      Thanks for the compliment!
      I’m very happy to hear you feel this site can be trusted.
      I try to impart real life and true to character information! Hope to see you back here soon.

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