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In order to earn life changing income in network marketing a sales person is advised to leverage other people’s skills and contacts by building a team. In most cases this is a losing battle due to attrition among individual sales teams.

Strongbrook breaks the industry mould by converting sales into cash-flowing assets that won’t stop producing when teammates walk away.

The traditional model of network marketing, direct selling, or multi-level marketing (MLM) is characterized by a very low cost of entrance where a person can join a company as a distributor of that companies’ product or service then receive commissions when products or services are sold by that person.

Much like a real estate brokerage, another aspect of this model is that individuals may, if they wish, recruit and build their own personal sales team. When someone on the team makes a sale then a commission is paid to both the distributor who made the sale and the team leader who is sometimes referred to as an up-line or sponsor.

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By building a sales team a person may leverage the skills and network contacts of others without having to make all the sales personally while still earning revenue on each transaction.

The problem with this model is well known. It is called attrition and it cripples then devastates the efforts and earnings of would-be team builders.

Attrition is when the whole team or members of the team stop producing sales thus stopping any potential income to the team leader or sponsor. Attrition in the network marketing industry is extremely high averaging about 80 to 90 percent per year according to Robert Nugen of

When an ambitious sales person sets out to build a team in order to produce passive income, they typically will expend vast amounts of energy and time into this activity. The sad reality of network marketing is that, once 100 people have been recruited to the team roughly 80 to 90 of those recruits simply don’t produce or outright quit.

That highly sought after leveraged passive income now disappears.

The Strongbrook model is fairly similar to the traditional model except one very crucial point: they have figured out how to solve the attrition problem that plagues the industry.

The solution to the traditional model is having a system that will allow a distributor to convert their income from their sales team or down-line into cash producing assets that won’t stop producing even if the sales people in their team quit.

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Strongbrook is an all-in-one real estate investment company with thousands of happy clients transacting real estate in all 50 United States and has a growing army of eager independent sales people who seek out others who desire a facilitated real estate investing experience in the countries’ best markets.

Strongbrook’s approach to solving attrition is truly unique.

As a sales team grows and produces income by acquiring transacting investment real estate clients, Strongbrook is concurrently helping to structure and facilitate building a passive income producing real estate portfolio for its sales people.

Essentially these sales people are converting their income from sales and services into monthly-cash-flowing real estate that will become a source of life-time income whether or not their team remains intact.

Once the sales people decide to transfer their income into a property then they are effectively immune to the plague of attrition.

Their team may all quit the same day and yet the real estate assets they have secured through Strongbrook will remain in their possession producing income for as long as they wish to own it.

For more information about how the program works including: earnings potential, cost of membership, package details, contacts, etc. visit their website here.

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Strongbrook Redefines the Network Marketing Industry By Joe Nielsen


  1. How would you rate Strong Book in comparison to your favorite choice or method for growing an online business?

    • Hi Sarah,
      To be honest beyond a few websites for information and educational purposes this company leaves the “online business” aspect up to each individual. If you want to promote the company and services online in ways beyond what they have provided then there is no one going to stop you! You are truly the captain of your own ship of success. What is different is that the same amount of work it takes to get a small $5 commission from an Amazon product is pretty much the same as earning a $3,000 commission with Strongbrook. I personally have found that it is just as easy to promote Strongbrook as it is to promote any other product or service online. I do believe its important that the one doing the promoting should actually use and like what they are promoting.

  2. Hi Joe, I looked at the company site and see how one can get funds for their own rental property through this program. I can see how this might retain some associates, at least until they get some property. However it looks like it would take a long time for each individual in the team to get to that point. Why wouldn’t team members drop out of the system before they get that far? And equally concerning, why wouldn’t they just take the property they earn and drop out at that point?

    • Hi Jerry,
      Yes, like anything lasting and meaningful, it will take time to build a team and get sales rolling in. As far as “that point” you mention I’m not sure I know which point you are referring to. If you have time please clarify.
      You are correct; however, there will be those that drop out of the system before they start making much money or receive the $35,000 home bonus. One thing that will help retention is that Strongbrook and their mission is to help you build life-long sustainable wealth. They also provide detailed business and investing plans that each member uses and commits to with personal coaching.
      As far as dropping out when they earn the property is concerned; in my opinion that is highly unlikely. For one it takes time and effort to reach that point and in the process much money will have been earned as well as the establishment of a personal long-term investing strategy.
      If you were making a few extra thousand dollars per month up to and beyond the real estate acquisition I’m confident you would be hooked and see the power leveraging and compounding value in continued business development and acquiring more real estate.
      In the business of building wealth especially life-long wealth that will eventually become a legacy for heirs and family it is critically important to not run off with the first golden egg the goose lays.

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