Super Hero Dad Breaking through Problems

Retirement problems Baby Boomer people meet everyday and how they can beat the odds!

Super Hero Dad Breaking through Problems

January 1952 one of the greatest baby boomers is born!

Though my Dad is my hero, he was not immune to the retirement problems Baby Boomer people meet everyday!

I have been inspired to follow some of the paths he blazed and at the same time I have been fortunate to have learned from his misfortunes!

I would like to highlight some of the retirement problems that Baby Boomers face and how my dad was able to overcome these increasingly common issues.

In addition I want to illustrate how you too can do what he and I have been doing to take control of our financial futures by creating passive monthly income that will sustain a very comfortable retirement.

Retirement problems faced by Boomers

No one wants to talk about just how unprepared the Baby Boomer generation is for the years when they will no longer be able to work.  –  Oppenheimer’s John Stoltzfus

Nationwide, Retirement Accounts At Risk!!

Do any of the following fit your situation or someone you know?

  • Little or NO savings
  • Anemic growth on 401k or IRA accounts
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Employer’s cutting time, freezing pay raises and benefits
  • Delayed retirement or work till you drop
  • Standard of living set to decrease significantly
  • Dependence on kids and family for financial stability
  • Downsizing living quarters
  • Forego vacations, trips, and hobbies
  • Too much debt
  • Falsely thinking Social Security will be enough
  • Don’t have a proper Estate Plan in place to oversee your assets

Are you at the mercy of corporations?

The company my Dad worked for came under financial scrutiny many times over the years and each time they froze pension contributions and wage increases, they also slimmed down the workforce which left those who weren’t laid off with a dramatically increased workload and no corresponding compensation.

Ultimately they closed the doors! After 24 years of dutiful work and reaching retirement age, he was jobless.

On top of all that, his retirement funds were mere shadows of their former selves after the economic downturn of 2008 to present.

He fit the 60 percentile category in the list below. Where do you fit?

In a 2013 Retirement Confidence Survey spearheaded by Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), Boomers aged 55 and older had this to say about their retirement savings:

  • 60% have less than $100,000 in retirement savings
  • 43% have saved less than $25,000
  • 36% have saved less than $10,000

A new way of thinking… and working!

In 2009 I  hired a team of experts in real estate investing who tailored a free 5 – 10 year Game Plan that outlined step-by-step what I could do to be financially free in that time frame.New way of thinking!

Upon arriving home after having hired this team, my Dad asked me what I had been up to. I told him what I had done and, thinking his boy just got swindled, the next day he showed up at the front door of this company demanding to speak with the one in charge!

Long story short, he ended up getting his game plan and then hired the same team I had hired.

Once the plan was in place with a team of experts doing all the heavy lifting he and I began acquiring real estate!

With proper re-allocation of non-performing retirement funds and equity in his house he was able to control properties which produced roughly $1,525 per month passive income!  

This is in addition to other funds.

The best part is that he now has assets that are producing cash each and every month for the rest of his life. What’s better is that these assets won’t run out of money in a few years like a 401(k) or other retirement account will!

This is called “spend down” and “longevity” risk which is a HUGE problem looming for most Baby Boomers and potential retirees! He also has set up a comprehensive estate plan to make sure his family and assets are taken care of after he is gone.

He had to think a little different and give his money an opportunity to work for him instead of him working for money. Thanks to a team of over 200 experts, in a few short years he has now significantly added value and passive income to his retirement portfolio which continues to grow every year.

These same cash producing assets will also help alleviate tax burdens in retirement.

My Dad’s misfortunes became my guide posts to a better life!

New Life Old Life Direction Signs

As I grew up I observed what damage corporate America had inflicted upon my Dad. I determined early on in my life that I didn’t want to be beholden to a faceless corporation who couldn’t care less about me or my family.

(I do understand that there are companies that do treat their employees right!)

I set out with a goal to educate myself about the methods that wealthy people employ to create, grow, and protect their wealth. After years of searching I have found the team and system that helps me achieve as an average guy what the big players have been doing for decades!

I couldn’t be more proud of my Dad for challenging his old way of thinking and fighting for his future when his back was against the wall!

How can you  take control of your retirement?

The definition of insanity is: Doing the same thing you have always done and expecting a different result! 

In addition to insanity, there are millions following the “herd mentality”  which means: Making decisions based upon the actions of others without sufficiently educating ourselves enough to make our own decisions.

That is what the majority of people are doing. This clearly explains why most folks are all on the same sinking ship.

There are many reputable organizations and companies who can facilitate ones financial and investing goals. I am a little biased but I truly feel like the team I hired years ago is the best opportunity in the country!

We have been in the Information Age now for a couple decades and literally  have the world’s wealth of information at our fingertips!

Not only do we have and endless supply of information but we can also build new a mutually beneficial relationships easier now than ever before!

There exists large and small networks or communities who’s sole purpose is to help educate and empower !

I suggest digging in, doing some research, and start making connections that will change your life!

~ Retirement problems Baby Boomer people meet everyday and how they can beat the odds! By Joe Nielsen

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