Money Machine for Sale

Money Machines for Sale

I was at a trade show a year or so back as a presenter. What was I presentingMoney Machine for Sale

Money Machines for Sale of course just not the ones you might have imagined.

Almost everyone has seen those glass contraptions just slightly larger than the size of an old telephone booth that Superman used to change into his suite.

A person would step inside where a few hundred one-dollar paper bills were being swirled around by air coming from the floor. The person is then given a set time to grab as many flying dollars as they can.

We actually used this as a prop to get people over to talk to us.

We would tell people that they could have money machines all over the country that produce cash flow each and every month.

They also provide wonderful tax savings and even big paydays on occasion in addition to the monthly cash.

Before I get into it I have a question for you.

Would you pay $50,000 for a money machine that will produce $100,000 or more?

I can almost hear you saying “Yes” “Of Course”.

That’s the response most people give me when I pose the question.

But when I begin explaining that they can actually do that with real estate they shut down.People Shut Down at the Prospect of Real Estate Investing

It’s almost like they stop using their head and resort to reactionary emotional responses.

In fact that is what most people do because most of us were trained to go to school, get a job, and work for 30 or more years then retire with barely enough money to live on.

Most believe that investing profitably in real estate is only for late night infomercial gurus or the super rich.

The truth is average people just like you and me have actually been the massive but unnoticed force in helping many large cities across the United States get back on their feet after the 2008 financial meltdown.

 Real Estate is a True Money Machine

Real Estate is the Real Money Machine

Did you know that more fortunes have been made using real estate than with any other vehicle in history?

The best part is you can join the ranks and you don’t have to be an expert. Heck you don’t have to know anything about investing in real estate to be able to make wise and very successful decisions.

Don’t know the first thing about market analysis? How about what makes a property a solid deal that will produce monthly cash for years to come? What about managing the property and maintenance?

None of these questions truly matter any more because the organizations and systems in place all of it is done 100% by the experts for you.

Like I said you don’t actually have to know anything about it.

Let me ask you this.

How much do you know about the mutual funds and individual businesses that are in those mutual funds that your 401k and IRA are invested in?

99.9% of Americans who participate in these plans have little to ZERO knowledge about how what or where their money is actually being invested.

Many don’t even know that their returns are minuscule and obsolete when taxes are incorporated.

Seeing the stock market nearing another major “correction” when most people haven’t even regained their initial principle since the last crash and enormous tax burdens on any profits that are gained I would confidently say that real estate is a much better and safer investment.

Investing in real estate can become a true wealth building machine.

From monthly cash flows, to tax write offs and deductions, leveraging to maximize gains and mitigate risk, to tapping into appreciated equity to buy more of the same; real estate affords everyday people the opportunity to get out of the 9 to 5 daily grind and live the lives of freedom they have always wanted.

My Team Will Show You the Possibilities of Acquiring Your Very Own Money Machines

Success with a Team of Experts

I have been investing for a handful of years now and have properties all over the United States. I have used an established team of experts who do all the work for me.

Though I am very much a student and equally keen on learning how to do it myself having a team who does this full-time and with over $250,000,000 in transactions to date, I am in very good hands.

I offer all my readers a Free No Obligation Game Plan.

This financial snap shot will give you a very eye opening view of what is possible with the hidden assets you may have and how to re-purpose those assets into real estate I affectionately refer to as money machines.

Not only will this show you the possibilities but it will help educated you on how this massive team of over 200 are dedicated to your success whether you want to learn like me or just want to earn much better returns on your investment dollars.

So request your free game plan now and don’t forget to download your free copy of The Strait Path To Real Estate Wealth. Just fill out the form on the side bar or in the footer and start learning.

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Money Machines for Sale by Joe Nielsen


  1. I want to send you an award for most helpful inrentet writer.

    • Hahaha!
      Thanks so much Vicky!

  2. BS low – rationality high! Really good answer!

    • Simple and direct comment with a compliment! Thanks Jacalyn!

  3. Hey Joe, you have some wonderful information here! I learned a little bit about mutual fund, Roth IRA’s and other investments working
    for this insurance company briefly in California before I moved to Texas. The surprising thing I discovered that the average person doesn’t know is, you don’t have to be rich to start making investments.

    My wife and I are currently looking to buy our first home and it has given me an idea to get into real estate. I will definitely bookmark
    your site for future reference. Thanks!


    • Hi Akeem,
      It will serve you well to have learned a bit about “traditional” investment vehicles when you begin learning about the returns and in-and-outs of real estate investing. When you are able to actually compare the numbers side by side real estate is hands down the better way to go.
      Happy house hunting!

  4. Property investment is a scary subject for most people, myself included. My partner and I are just now looking into buying our first home and we are in our 30’s. I have always had an interest in real estate and everything it entails. We are at that point in life where we need to know where our money is going and how to invest it. This site has been very helpful! I have bookmarked this site and I will be checking back to see what else you have. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Mary,
      Yes investing in something you don’t really understand can be scary. But what I find super crazy is that people are actually doing it everyday when a portion of their paycheck gets auto-deposited in their 401k or IRA at work. They have no idea how, what, or where that money is actually being invested but it doesn’t seem to fade folks. The very sad thing is, is that people, if they educated themselves just a little bit could invest their own funds and achieve a much better return than their current fund managers. If you are interested in learning more about the truth behind 401k and IRA accounts then pick up the free book 401 Kaos.

  5. You’ve really got me captivated with the concept of ‘money machine’ 🙂 Thanks for addressing the wrong perception that only a selected group of people can go into real estate investment. I had many questions about the possibility of a lay person like me making money in real estate and you’ve answered a couple of those questions. Thumbs up!

    • Hi Rita,
      It makes a big difference depending on your perception and viewpoint. When looking at investing as buying money machines it helps to clear up the picture and make things less threatening. Thanks for reading!

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