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Mom and Pop Real Estate Investing safer, easier, and more profitable!

Mom and Pop Real Estate Investing Safer, Easier, and More Profitable

Most “investors” don’t know what they are doing.

There is a strange phenomena that happens when markets begin to heat up and profits are being made.

Whether those profits are because the underlying asset is healthy or the gains are due to an artificial bubble ie: speculation and  manipulation – the point is it doesn’t really matter to most people as long as they are making money.

For a long time now the average person has been jumping on the boat being carried by the rising tide.

Their fatal mistake is not identifying if the growth is real or not.

Not being sufficiently educated about their investments, having no strategy, and simply disconnected from the real world of investing will prove their downfall.

There have been two very prominent tides that have swelled to great heights only to crash down devastating mom and pop investors  and their portfolios both in stocks and real estate. (Dot Com Crash of the early 2000’s and the Real Estate Crash of 2008)

Investing was the “thing” to do. Everyone was making money and they were doing it with reckless abandon. It really didn’t matter if you knew what you were doing. The only thing you had to so was buy and then sell a short time later to reap the market gains.

Sadly this is what 99% of people believe investing is.

Sorry to burst your bubble (pun intended) but it simply is not.

In my opinion this is nothing more than gambling where you roll the dice or spin the wheel literally hoping that you get a favorable outcome. You hope because you actually have NO control over what the outcome will be.

Systems = Safer, Easier, More Profitable

How does leverage work?

Predictability is crucial in smart investing. While no one can foresee the future, systems can greatly enhance the behavior and outcome of investing, particularly real estate investing.

Before the housing crisis in 2008 a program was being developed that systematized they way average mom and pop investors as well as seasoned investors create predictable passive streams of income through real estate all over the country.

This system is very specific in the parameters associated with real estate as to eliminate as many variables or unpredictability (aka risk) as possible.

By filtering out properties and situations that do not fit in the system, the success of each transaction rose considerably and continued throughout the crash when real estate values plummeted. Resulting in those who participated in the program growing their portfolios instead of losing upwards of 80% of their money.

If those mom and pop investors who lost their shirts had used a system like this prior to 2008 they could have confidently continued building their portfolio and came out the other side with a much larger asset holdings.

There has been talk that investing in real estate is over for mom and pop or otherwise novice investors.

In a world where communication and entrepreneurship continues to adapt and evolve to meet the demands of the market  there is not a better time than now for mom and pop investors to get in the game and its never been easier and risk mitigated than it is now.

Turnkey providers are all over the country; some reputable and others not so much.

But as good as the good providers are they often don’t satisfy other necessary wealth building needs such as: legal entity set-up and proper management, coaching or otherwise education on various topics relating to owning investment real estate etc.

Fortunately for many including myself and many others I know there is an organization who helps their clients whether mom and pop, sophisticated individuals, to large hedge funds do just that.

This group of professionals have a system in place to reliably and predictably transact real estate all over the USA for anyone regardless of their current financial situation.

These properties are located in two different types of markets namely: strong cash-flow markets and strong equity growth markets.

Depending on the personal financial profile of each client and their investing plan, together with the Strongbrook team they will move forward acquiring properties in markets that will produce according to specified goals.

Before this service debuted on the market, novice investors only had two options for investing their money: putting money in the stock market via mutual funds, bonds and other securities and if they chose to invest in real estate they were on their own.

Ignorance equates to risk.

When people are uneducated about real estate, or any other investment deal, and proceed to invest their life savings into a property that they hope is a good deal, they are bound to lose their money and sour them on real estate as an attractive investment vehicle.


BUT……when those same uneducated people team or partner with very educated, skilled, and experienced investors then the whole game changes and reliable, predictable profits can be realized.

Strongbrook is just the company that does what I have described above. And they have many thousands of clients in nearly all 50 United States and over 200 million dollars in transactions.

They are a team of over 200 professionals spanning all necessary aspects of successful real estate transactions who actually do the investing for their clients.

They rely on their system and nationwide team to find, finance and purchase, rehab if needed, place tenants, manage, create legal structures, and educate and provide tools for their clients to successfully manage their newly  acquired asset and the cash it produces.

We also offer a Free-No Obligation Game Plan Report that will help identify if you are a right fit for their program.

Mom and Pop Real Estate Investing just got a whole lot safer, easier, and more profitable!

By Joe Nielsen


  1. Im looking into investing in real estate before but didn’t know where to start. This is a very good guide.

    • Hello Keye,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this post.
      Real Estate has a very attractive appeal for many people because everyone knows that fortunes the world over have been made using RE. Sadly like most things, the unsuspecting fall victim to unscrupulous sales people just after a quick buck. Invest in your education on the topic then start small and go for it!

  2. Very professional site with tons of useful information for everyday investors. I like your take on smart investing vs. gambling or throwing the dice. Everyone interested in learning how to make smart investment choices should take a look at this site.

    • Hi Keely,
      Thank you for your compliments and comments!
      Yes there is a very large divide between sophisticated investors and gamblers.
      Fortunately that gap is also very easy to close via proper education.
      Thanks again!

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