Is there a Strongbrook Real Estate Scam?

Is there a Strongbrook Real Estate Scam?

These days all you need to do to find a scam is open your email. Inside you will find all sorts of scams being pushed at you from every direction.

Living in this environment has made us as consumers develop a strong sense of skepticism.

I believe using a little skepticism is healthy for sure but unfortunately we have been driven to the point that we sometimes miss out on opportunities because we falsely believe everything is a scam.

That brings me to the topic I want to discuss here with you; Is there a Strongbrook Real Estate Scam being propagated to those interested in investing in real estate?

Is ther are strongbrook real estate scam?

No, it is not a scam.

Now that I have said this, I need to elaborate and help you understand why and how this company serves its clients.  

Strongbrook began around eight years ago as a real estate investment club known as REIC.

At the time and for the first couple years one could sit down with the president and founder of the company Kris Krohn and discuss what your goals are and what this club could do for its members. 

Included in this visit was a 10 year personal retirement plan of action based on where you currently sit in your financial situation and where you could end up by implementing a well thought out investing plan.

The ultimate goal was to map out what you needed to do, how to do it, and the timeline of the entire process.

It was truly eye opening because he would show you basically what he had done to retire with a passive six-figure income using the system he and his team created and how you could do the same with his help.  

I went through this process seven years ago, just one year after REIC was formed. 

Now, this process has been fine tuned and stream lined. This is what the Game Plan Report is.

A summary of where you are and where you can go with the services of Strongbrook and the first few steps you can take to begin your financial make over.

Like the personal interview process in the beginning this is completely free and very insightful whether you chose to do business with Strongbrook or not. 

Word of Mouth is the Best form of Advertising

Word of mouth is powerful.

Due to word of mouth advertising from very happy clients REIC’s new client base exploded!

The company has been experiencing rapid growth every single year since it began.

Such rapid growth brought many challenges and hurdles including growing pains that resulted in honest mistakes being made.

From serving only locals to having clients in nearly every US state this company has been shuffling and rearranging its infrastructure, people, and processes to accommodate tremendous growth.

One of those growing pains resulted in an investigation into the company from the Securities Exchange Commission.

It turns out that Strongbrook was found to be not operating within some guidelines due to inexperience and ignorance of such complicated securities laws.

True to character the team at Strongbrook faced these head-on, with integrity, and a commitment to succeed having  grown into a stronger, albeit more careful, enterprise.

I was privy to the shuffle and reorganization through those early formative years.

Help is never out of reach.

Personal Project Manager

With that change I had the privilege of working with several different project managers known as coaches at the time.

Now that things are more nailed down each client is assigned a single life-time personal project manager that will help you implement your aforementioned Game Plan.

The job of the Project Manager is to communicate with you as much as needed about the steps necessary to successfully achieve your goals with Strongbrook’s system.

They act as a liaison between you and the rest of the vast team around the country connecting you to just the right people at the right time in your journey to financial freedom.

Granted some are better than others. Of the many that I have worked with there were one or two who I wasn’t completely pleased with but as I voiced my concerns they worked with me until we found a good match and I haven’t been happier since.

Oftentimes when people experience something that they really enjoy or find value in they naturally tell people, especially family and friends.

In the early years REIC, now Strongbrook, had spent millions of dollars on traditional marketing like radio ads, television ads, online and paper ads etc..

What they soon realized is that over 60% of their new clients were coming from referrals by happy current clients! Can you say, clue?

So without missing a step they set out to find a way to show their appreciation and give incentive to those members who share their good experiences which results in new/more business.

Just like the real estate investing side of Strongbrook passed through an evolution of sorts so did their referral program.

What was once a hodge-podge of a referral program is now Strongbrook Direct which incorporates high commissions and a layered team building incentive for greater income potential.

Now you can spread the word and get paid for doing so! Its a great trade.

Though with anything that is incentivized with money there will be those who stretch the truth or out right lie or misrepresent in order to get a commission check.

So like I mentioned in the beginning a healthy sense of skepticism is needed to help wade through the hype.

Benefits you can expect.

Cash Flow with Equity - A Case Study

One of my properties in Florida.

I have been happily using their system to strategically acquire single family rental properties all over the United States.

These properties have been producing monthly positive cash flows and numerous tax advantages year in and year out.

By moving a portion of my savings into cash flowing real estate I have effectively mitigated my risk of losing the buying power of my dollars due to inflation because often times real estate climbs when inflation climbs thus maintaining my purchasing power for other goods and services.

You may have heard that real estate is local.

What that basically means is that unlike stocks where the price of say Coca Cola is $89 per share in the US it is also the exact same anywhere else in the world; real estate on the other hand is largely dependent on the local economy in which it sits.

In other words, if you buy in a market with strong economic fundamentals then you don’t stand to lose your shirt should the larger macro-economic situation deteriorate. With stocks and other paper assets you will lose every time because its all in the same big pot of stew.

Another advantage to investing in real estate is tax savings. Like having a business selling widgets you get to write-off or deduct expenses for operating that business ie: marketing materials, production, travel, office equipment etc..

Likewise with real estate you get to deduct many things including but not limited to: depreciation on the structure and items within the structure, interest paid on the mortgage, improvements or repairs, even fees that are part of having a property management firm manage your property can be written off.

Often times these deductions will result in you the owner not paying any taxes on your investments and even reducing your earned income from other sources like a job. That’s cool!

*Warning – Personal Testimonial*

My Dad lost his job at the ripe old age of sixty just a few years before his prospective retirement.

Not only this but the company he had worked for went through multiple bankruptcies which allowed them to short-change their employees over the course of many years.

This resulted in wage cuts, benefits cuts, bonus elimination, longer hours, less people to handle the work load etc… so the effects were detrimental on his retirement goals.

After I had joined Strongbrook, he joined up too.

Within a few short years of working with them and their system he has more than made up for the havoc caused by his previous employer.

Though the financial gains have been great he would tell you that there has been a personal growth aspect inherent in taking charge of his life too.

He, like many others I’ve met, myself included, have seen loads of benefits from Strongbrook and their services.

It is often said that you become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.

By spending time with the good people at Strongbrook who are themselves practitioners of their systems I can say that you will become a better person too with an increased capacity to effect good where you see fit.

In summary (this is my opinion), Strongbrook is not a scam and the systems they use work as long as you do.

So grab your Free Game Plan and enjoy the process of learning about the possibilities that exist for you and your future.

Is there a Strongbrook Real Estate Scam? By Joe Nielsen

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