Don’t Be Part of the Herd – Think for Yourself

People in general like to be part of something larger than themselves. We are social at the core of who we are.

Though this might serve us well when it comes to movie or restaurant reviews it does not serve us well in financial matters.

Don’t be part of the herd, instead start thinking for yourself.herdofsheep


We are bombarded everyday with advertisements telling us that there are only a couple places we could ever hope to put our money for safe keeping and growth.

What are those places the “herd” is telling you to put your money?


In general the paper asset market ie. bonds, stocks, mutual funds, cds, and the methods they tell you to use in order to get your money there is via 401ks, IRAs and other IRS sponsored plans.

All of these so called retirement savings plans are actually setting you up for financial failure.

None of these accounts actually build your wealth.

Instead they trap your wealth inside a system full of people who profit by using your hard earned money and pay you nearly zero for being able to use it all the while assessing you penalties and fees if you ever try to use your own money!

I like to use the analogy of being in a shark cage with the sharks! 


It provides NO safety!

Risk and the perception of risk.

A mentor of mine has recently said in one of his daily articles,

One of the major problems in human nature is our deeply flawed perception of risk. We find comfort in crowds, and even in the face of the most obvious data, we adopt a herd mentality.

-Simon Black Founder of

The data Simon Black is referring to are actual facts and figures provided by the institutions who are supposed to be safe-guarding our money but prove they are misusing it and profiting handsomely  while passing all the “RISK” and costs onto you.

I feel you deserve to know how your money is being used and how you are being ripped off by subscribing to the herd mentality.



So here is a Free Download of a truly Insightful Book called 401 kaos written by Rich Dad Advisor Andy Tanner.



In this book you will learn how the costs associated with your accounts are literally stealing your wealth. By assessing as little as a 2% fee they will stop your money from growing and compounding.

Then you will learn about all the restrictions placed on the usage of those funds. Also you will learn about the crushing tax burden you’ll encounter in retirement when you begin to withdraw the money as taxable income.

There are many eye-opening nuggets of wisdom in this book and you owe it to yourself and your friends and family to help them understand the true risks associated with following the herd into a shark cage filled with sharks.

Just because your friends jumped off a cliff, will you jump too?

Just because they did it does that mean you will too?

Has your mom or dad ever said something like this to you growing up? Or maybe you have said it to your own kids recently.

I can’t stress this enough.

We get lulled into believing things are safe and that they are the right thing to do just because we see everyone else doing it.

We unfortunately don’t take the time to recognize what is happening to those who have gone before us.

How many people do you personally know who is living the ideal financially stress-free retired life? Probably not many.

So what makes you and millions of other Americans think they can do the same things putting their money in the same places and expect a better result? Its insanity!

What can you do?

You can begin by realizing that we have a moral obligation to take every legal step within the tax code to reduce what we pay to politicians and irresponsible financial institutions to prevent them from gambling our hard earned money while passing the struggle, pain, and disappointment to us.

It takes courage to acknowledge reality and recognize the need for having a plan, maybe even two plans.

The information is out there and much of it is free. All it requires in the form of payment is your time.

So remember these last two thoughts:

The difference between wealthy people and those who aren’t is what they each do in their spare time.


The majority of people who are the herd follow the same advice from sales people and all get the same pitiful results. Wealthy people, on the other hand, take advice from other wealthy people and assume responsibility for their own financial well being.

Happy investing!

Don’t Be Part of the Herd – Think for Yourself by Joe Nielsen

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