Can I add value to my property? - A Real Estate Advantage

Can I add value to my property? – A Real Estate Advantage

Can I add value to my property? - A Real Estate AdvantageCan you add value to your stock  or your precious metals portfolio?

The simple answer is NO, well…unless you have millions of dollars to pump into the company but that’s not very likely.

When owners of real estate ask, “Can I add value to my property?”, the answer is absolutely YES!!!

Owners of real estate have significant control and influence on the assets or properties in their portfolios!

How much control or influence do you have over your stock’s performance? How much can you coax the price of Apple stock or an annuity to increase and do well in the marketplace?

Zip, Zero, Nada, None! BUT…..

YOU, on the other hand, have lots of control and influence when investing in real estate!

You can add value to the property by doing any number of things.

  1. Adding another room or a storage shed.
  2. Enclosing the garage.
  3. Basic landscaping.
  4. Adding new paint or carpet.
  5. Updating light fixtures, door knobs, shower head, and faucets.
  6. Installing a sprinkling system.
  7. Planting shade trees.
  8. Trimming or removing overgrown trees and vegetation.
  9. Replacing or repairing steps, porches, driveways, sidewalks whether they be cement or wood.

If you are a handy-man or woman you can do the work yourself and save some money if that’s your thing. Or you could hire an insured contractor that can do the work for you. Often times when you purchase a property somewhere other than your locale you would hire out the work to be done.

These suggestions and thousands more will add value to your property. But it doesn’t stop there, this also boosts the value for the surrounding community by increasing it’s desirability, selling and renting price!

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Can I add value to my property? – A Real Estate Advantage By Joe Nielsen


  1. I’ve found most don’t even look at commission until it’s too late, then rlaziee they only made 2%. I try to teach them to modify the forms so all the info they need to know is in bold and all in one place, but my advice is rarely taken. It would be a good idea to mention it in the broker’s remarks to make sure it’s brought to their attention. Then hope they actually read the broker’s remarks. Although 5% are doing 95% of the business you need make the listing fool proof for the inept 95%.

    • Great point Saiha!
      Yes that is generally the rule in most things. There are those at the top who are one their game and do most of the business then there are those who are struggling because they simply don’t know any better.
      Thanks for the comment!

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