Best time and place to buy real estate. Jack-Pot Markets!

Best time and place to buy real estate – Jack-Pot markets!

Since the burst of the housing bubble back in 2008 mom and pop investors have taken advantage of one of the best times and places to buy real estate.

Amazing deals in single family residential real estate in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada and other bustling cities across the United States including: Phoenix, Arizona, Orlando, Florida etc…!

For many of these conservative minded investors this market is like hitting the jackpot in one of the famous casinos on the lively Las Vegas Strip!

For most a big jackpot would be nice, but for those of us interested in growing and preserving our wealth the proposition of only receiving a single payout and laden with heavy taxes just takes the thrill right out of it.

So I pose the question:

Wouldn’t a jackpot-like earning, year after year, coupled with tons of tax deductions, AND Best time and place to buy real estate. Jack-Pot Markets!dependable monthly income that can be used for whatever you want sound infinitely better than a single lucky roll of the dice?

Yes please! Where can I get that kind of jackpot?


Do you want a jackpot that pays every month of every year?

There exists an opportunity in this economy right now that is second to none. You may have heard that rents are high and purchase prices are low! In the right markets this spells j-a-c-k-p-o-t for savvy investors.

The Las Vegas region and many others as mentioned above saw huge declines in housing prices five years ago, and so have served up a big opportunity for small individual investors to cash in on! Real estate in most of the hardest hit areas has been steadily improving and will continue to improve as inventory slowly dries up forcing prices to naturally rise.

Some folks, my Dad included, have seen equity growth upwards of 49% annually! That’s just appreciation! This does not account for monthly positive cash-flow, tax write offs, depreciation, and other perks to owning investment grade real estate.

The best part is, like I mentioned earlier, folks on the verge of retirement but who fear they won’t have enough in their nest egg are getting in these markets and literally securing their golden years with a couple home transactions!

Completely undoing the havoc the stock market caused a few years ago and securing themselves against the next crash.

Best part: It doesn’t take millions of dollars or hundreds of homes to create a solid $5,000 a month passive income from real estate! And you can achieve this all without depleting your current retirement funds!


Real estate Sale!

Vegas house

Take this house for example. It’s on the same street my Dad’s property is on. In late 2009 my Dad bought his house for $123,000. In January 2014 he sold it for $182,000! The difference: $59 thousand dollars!
Of the entire country there are a handful of markets that still offer jackpots like this one! I just purchased a property outside Orlando Florida with none of my own money and will be buying another one or two this year!

This means there are many more awesome opportunities for investing. These properties can be found in great neighborhoods in up and coming areas with strong economic outlooks.

These properties are generally less than 10 years old (the one pictured above was built in 2005) and are in great condition requiring minimum rehab to get them rent-ready!


How can I get into a market like this one?

Four blue houses in a row. From smallest to largest.

There are many ways you can enter a market place.

First and foremost you need an experienced and well respected agent/broker who knows the area. One who is skilled in locating and vetting these types of homes for the sole purpose of offering them to investors like you.

Next there is market research. Assess the market to determine if it will provide good pricing, it there is a solid rental population, good property management, rehab, and probably the most important a solid local economy.

If you are a lone ranger type then you can start by reading up on where large hedge funds and REITs are buying up properties. Better yet search out and listen to proven leaders in the field and where they are investing.

Or you can do what I did starting out and hire a team of professionals who have already done the technical heavy lifting for you and leverage their services to claim your piece or pieces of great real estate in prime markets!



 “But I don’t know HOW to do this?”, you say.

Business man with bag on head.


Leverage a team of experts to do the technical stuff for you!

Often times when I talk to people about real estate investing particularly in a market outside my home state, they always ask how is it that I have the time, resources, and expertise to make wise decisions that make sense, mitigate risk, and constantly produce for me.

I took the advice of a few books that I have read and I found and hired a team of over 200 experts who…..are you ready for this?……..DO IT FOR ME!!!

I learned early on that almost no one has the time, skills, knowledge etc… to jump right into RE investing and be successful. I’m a busy guy as I’m sure you are too!

It just makes sense in the world we live in.

Think about it.

Who cleans your carpets? Who fixes your computer? Who fixes you when you break a bone or are sick? Who delivers your packages and mail? Who cooks the tasty food in minutes at the restaurants you visit?

There once was a time when you could do all this yourself. I guess in theory you still could; however, we tend to hire people who have devoted the time and effort necessary to become experts in their craft so we can spend our time on things we deem more important and enjoyable.

And so it is with real estate investing. Some people are passionate about it while others just utilize it for what it is…a great way to create, grow, and preserve wealth.

You can and  should hire or compile a competent team who work to grow your portfolio and educate you every step of the way. This same team needs to share your vision and goals.

I did just that a few years ago and my future has never looked brighter!

– Best time and place to buy real estate – Jack-Pot markets! By Joe Nielsen

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