Best home business in 2015! – Invest in real estate from home.

Have you been wondering what the best home business in 2015 will be?

Best home business in 2015!


Thousands of people who were or currently are unemployed due to the Great Recession have flocked online to find “work at home” ideas for starting their own small business.

I believe this is a positive thing for the economy and for us as citizens. Our economy depends a great deal on small business, entrepreneurship, and the principle of ownership!

Entrepreneurship and ownership are a couple of the fundamental principles that this great nation was built upon.

Back then there weren’t multinational corporations promising paychecks in retirement. There weren’t enormous social safety nets strung up by the government to supplement retirement income either.

Entrepreneurship and ownership was simply a way of life for the majority of Americans up until the Industrial Revolution when farmers and small business folk were lured into employment by large corporations offering financial support till death.

Investing in real estate is the best home based business!

Getting back to our roots as hard working-creative-entrepreneurs doesn’t mean we have to be the next Thomas Edison and invent the “next big thing”. What it means is that you and I can  and should “OWN” our retirement and financial future!

There are, right now, tens of thousands of savvy professionals who can help you get to where you want to go.

With their help, you and I can realistically own a moderate to large portfolio of real estate that will provide monthly cash flow now and in our retirement years. I love cash flow and you should too! It’s what I like to call mailbox money!

You can be financially free and independent by building a modest real estate portfolio right now inside a legal entity.

Sound complicated? It’s really not.

In fact, you probably have some assets right now that you have never even considered that can help you get into the game in a big way. All you need is a little education and guidance to get you moving in the right direction.

So let’s get going and start a real estate company from home!

Planning your future!Many people don’t realize you can make real estate investing your own small business and it’s truly easier than you might think!

No need for professional licensing. You don’t need to be a real estate broker or even an agent. You don’t even need to know it all!

There are teams of experienced professionals you can work with that will do all the heavy lifting and leg work for you! You don’t need to hire employees or even carry inventory. You can sit back and enjoy being a real estate investor and small business owner without all the headaches that come with traditional retail business.

What you will need.

You will need a Limited Liability Company known as a LLC. Don’t worry, it’s so easy to set up you can do it at your computer in the comfort of home.

This is the best legal entity to hold or own real estate with. The simple idea behind owning and operating real estate inside a LLC is to create a “wall” of protection between you, your property, and those who might want to litigate against you in case something goes awry.

We live in a society that has a habit of getting attorneys and courts involved in every little thing so its better to be prepared than to try and fix it once the issue arises.

If you were to have a lawsuit brought against you and the plaintiffs happen to win then they would have access to only that specific property held by the LLC. They wouldn’t be able to get to your personal residence or your other assets etc.

Having a well structured LLC in place will protect you, your other assets, and provide peace of mind when operated correctly.

In a nutshell this is how it works.

So simple it fits In a nut shell.

You own the LLC and a separate bank account set up for handling expenses and income generated by your investment properties. The LLC owns the real estate too. Profits generated from the real estate go directly into the separate bank account and expenses are paid out of the same account.

Quick side note. You can have one LLC that owns more than a single property or one LLC per property. Or you can set up a Series LLC that can own/hold any number of properties or other businesses you would like to set up in the future. Consult your real estate CPA and attorney for a more in depth discussion on the differences and specific uses each of these provide.

Keeping things simple like this makes your accountant happy and keeps your business and personal assets safe. It also makes the numerous advantages easier to access, track, and claim.

In addition to setting up an LLC you will need a plan! No business gets off the ground without a plan. You need to know where you are and where you want to go before you start anything. It helps a great deal if you have a personalized game plan that can identify where you are and the exact steps you need to take to get where you want to be!

I recommend everyone get one. It’s free and eye opening! That’s how I started.

What are the advantages?

Owning Investment Real Estate with an LLC gets you:

Tax Breaks

  1. Tax write offs for your phone bill, internet, computer and printer which includes office supplies.
  2. Insurance discounts when you insure multiple properties.
  3. Write off meals, travel, and entertainment if and when it relates to your real estate business. Simply do some research in the real estate market during your next trip and write it off.
  4. Create protection for you and your personally held assets in the event of a lawsuit. (liability mitigation)
  5. Enjoy passive monthly income or what I like to call mailbox money.
  6. Enjoy income from your tenant’s money down. ( lease-options etc…)
  7. Huge potential appreciation growth if the market is right!
  8. Tax write offs for interest paid on mortgages.
  9. You can actually increase the value of your properties.
  10. You can be positioned for other opportunities when they happen.
  11. Everyone everywhere needs a place to live. You have high demand for your product.
  12. The use of leverage creates huge returns.
  13. Freedom from a boss, demanding schedules, and a long stressful commute.

The list could go on and on.

As you can clearly see setting up a home business is easy and it’s a great financial decision. Making sure you start out with a solid foundation upon which to build is an essential part of owning a productive home based real estate company.

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Best home business in 2015! – Invest in real estate from home. By Joe Nielsen


  1. I’m sorry to bust your bubble but linistg agents work also. A linistg agents salary would so volatile is this were true. Imagine a linistg agent really waiting for a buyers agent to come with a buyer to save the day. For example, in my market a property can take over a year to sell. The highest days on market is 944, lowest 0, average 77, and the median is 42. I guess linistg agents better cross their fingers.

    • Hi Luri,
      I can see your point that being an agent would not yield very good income; however, it seems you may have misunderstood the article.
      The article speaks to Investing in Real Estate as a home based business not actually becoming a real estate agent. Those are two very different things. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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