What is a Free Game Plan?


Some call it a personal financial road map while others may call it retirement planning. Here at Nielsen Consulting  & Strongbrook we call it a Game Plan and it’s completely FREE! 

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A Game Plan is much like a map with a clearly defined goal or destination which YOU have determined.

This “destination” is not only financial in nature but is also a journey of learning what you truly want in life.  

This Game Plan effectively illustrates the necessary steps that you can take to achieve your goals.

How much does it cost?

This is a totally free offer. No obligation for requesting and receiving you personalized Game Plan Report.

Do you need my personal information?

We will not ask for personal information such as Social Security numbers, personal address, bank account numbers, credit cards etc..

The only information we need will be balances of cash on hand, balances of retirement accounts, life insurance cash values, estimated equity or market value of your home, yearly earned income figures etc… If you have all or none of these there is still a personal Game Plan Report for you.

How long can I expect to wait before I get my Game Plan?

You can expect to be contacted via telephone in 1-2 business days. This phone call will last only a few minutes. The purpose of this call is to gather the above mentioned information.

In an additional 1-2 business days your Game Plan Report will be emailed to you or if you are local you may come into the office to receive it.

You will then be contacted a second and last time for a professional explanation of what the plan means in relation to the information you provided.

How is my Game Plan created?

After your information is gathered it is put into a proprietary software that will generate options or steps to action. This plan may be modified based on the consultation when speaking with our Game Plan experts.

Who will I be speaking with?

You will be speaking to possibly two different people. One person who will call and gather your financial information. The second person may be the same one who called the first time or another one of our experts who is available at the time you indicate.

Many of these people have had their own Game Plans and are actively working the plan outlined by this process.

Are the figures provided a legitimate reflection of my current financial situation and potential financial future?

Yes. As accurate as the information you provide the proprietary software will generate an unbiased report tailored by your numbers. The potential is not a guarantee of performance of assets or personnel but is a very probable outcome if the individual follows the necessary steps.

Want a Detailed Example of what your Game Plan is Comprised of? CLICK HERE

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Note: The information you provide in the Game Plan Request form will be used for the purposes noted above.


  1. Thanks for the quick education on a “Game Plan”, This is some quite useful information. I will be reviewing it again later so I can get to slowly absorb it before I can make a decision.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ty,
      Thanks for stopping by the site and reading a bit about the Free Game Plan we offer. I Hope the information was complete enough for you to get a clear understanding. Feel free to contact me or leave your questions here. Taking time to absorb new information is critical and necessary for any education decision. Good luck Ty!

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