Working with the Team

Working with a competent team results in success!


So, how does it all work?

When you become a Strongbrook client, you’ll be introduced to your Project Manager, who guides you through the entire process.

Your Project Manager helps you make choices to match your goals and coordinates all the moving parts that make up a successful transaction.
Your Project Manager will begin by helping you create your financial Game Plan — a road map for wealth creation that looks ahead as far as 20 years, and as near as the next 90 days.

Your Project Manager’s constant personal attention ensures that you fully leverage the talents and resources of the entire Strongbrook team and system for your benefit.


One of the Project Manager’s primary roles is to connect you with any other necessary experts inside of the Strongbrook team.

These experts will assist you with every aspect of carrying out your Game Plan, and your Project Manager will help you manage your portfolio by notifying you when you have options to buy, sell and expand your real estate portfolio.

While the Project Manager will be your “guide”, you make the final decisions.

Property management is another key aspect of your wealth where you benefit from Strongbrook’s expertise and connections.

Strongbrook networks with the most successful property management companies in the markets where most of our clients purchase properties.

This volume approach to property management allows us to negotiate discounts and effectively manage the properties.

You may, however, manage your own properties or engage your own property managers.
Strongbrook also offers custom-designed life insurance policies as another tool for your wealth building system.

These policies enhance your real estate with potential additional tax shelters, litigation-protected accounts, cash-value loans and additional growth on your money to maximize your ROI.

Many of our clients also take advantage of our licensed financial planner partners to enhance their real estate investing Game Plan.