Strongbrook Real Estate - A Smarter Way to Wealth

Strongbrook Real Estate – A Smarter Way to Wealth

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“Work smarter not harder” is a common phrase we here in the realm of money making endeavors.

Though this is true, there usually is an essential component of hard work required whether that work is being done by you or someone else on your behalf.

Strongbrook Real Estate offers a truly smarter way to wealth by doing the “Hard Work” for you as the investor.

You may also be familiar with the phrase, “If you want something done right, then do it yourself.”

Strongbrook has a philosophy that is perpendicular to this mindset.

They understand that you and I would need to literally spend thousands of dollars and thousands of dedicated hours of study and action including rookie mistakes in order to amass the experience and comprehensive knowledge of a well prepared team.

In every real estate investing book I’ve read, and I’ve read many, there is always a portion dedicated to identifying potential team members and them assembling those people to work in synergy for you and your investing goals and vision.

There is tremendous power to be had in a team whose ideals, vision, values, goals, and individual actions are inline with yours the investor.

So Strongbrook has coined a new paradigm phrased,

“If you want something done right, then Don’t do it yourself.”

The late Stephen R. Covey wrote in his wildly successful book Habits of Highly Effective People, that if you are relying entirely on your own knowledge then you will forever be at a disadvantage simply because no matter the size of your personal ego it will never compensate for the vastness of ignorance.

So the “Smarter Way to Wealth” is to have a team who has the combined experience and knowledge to help you implement your own investing game plan.

Once you understand that you cannot and should not do everything yourself, you are ready to investigate systems and people who can facilitate your financial dreams.

Strongbrook is truly unique and revolutionary in the real estate investing arena.

Having built a 200+ person team of highly skilled, experienced and ethical professionals in every field of real estate investment who do the hard work on behalf of their investing clients.

Team Work Pays!

The work they do is vast and essential in transacting successful and profitable real estate.

They do:Success with a Team of Experts

  • market analysis
  • property analysis
  • property acquisition
  • property rehab if needed
  • financing
  • insuring
  • tenant placement
  • property management
  • periodic financial reviews of property & market
  • marketing and selling when the time is right

On top of all this, they offer their clients a dedicated personal Project Manager who will be a sort of liaison between you – the investing client and the various professional team members to make each step in each real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

What’s required of you?

There are certainly new things to learn and understand as you work with the Strongbrook team but in reality it is more of a mindset change most people struggle with.

The mindset of put-your-money-in-a-401k-and-hope-it-works-out VS a mindset of actually discussing your goals then make the final decision about how, when, where, etc your money will be invested for your benefit is kind of tough for people to get a grasp on. Once they do, they never go back to the old way of thinking.

You also know significantly more about real estate as opposed to mutual funds or stocks and bonds with their underlying companies, but you’ll need to learn about the various parts that make a real estate transaction successful.

The business model of investment real estate is very simple and straight forward; people pay you to use your property. That’s it! Forget about those old worn out excuses about it being too complicated or too much risk etc..

With a team, a proven system, and your Game Plan set you have no reason not to be profitable.

So what’s the cost?

Much like an attorney or any other service provider for that matter charges for their services, Strongbrook is not a free ride either.

Though they have made it very affordable even for those on a shoe string budget to get started.

The process is simple.

Depending on how many transactions or properties you want to make determines the entry price or retainer fee for all their services.

Once that is received then you begin your exciting journey investing in the best markets around the country with a team of dedicated professionals holding your hand every step of the way.

Strongbrook Real Estate – A Smarter Way to Wealth By Joe Nielsen

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