Strongbrook Is Not For Everyone

Strongbrook Is Not For Everyone

Do a simple search about Strongbrook and like any other product, service, or company out there you will find hundreds and sometimes thousands of opinions for or against.

For those who say, “Strongbrook is for everyone” it is clear they are mistaken, ignorant, or simply trying to make a sale or commission.

For those who say, “Strongbrook is a complete scam and should be avoided by all people” are also clearly mistaken, ignorant or simply trying to justify their own position etc…

99% of things in this world have a “gray” space.

In this space between polar opposites of clashing opinions resides the truth.

Unbiased, unashamed, and waiting for you to objectively use what it provides to make an educated decision about how to incorporate it into your life or not.

The truth is….

Strongbrook is not for everyone.

Who it is Not for:

  • People who want to flip properties
  • People who want to do it all on their own
  • People who have violent reactions to paying service fees to service providers
  • People who think they know it allStrongbrook is not for everyone - who it is not for.
  • Going along with the previous point; People who have been investing in SFRs for some time and have established their own system
  • People who tend to Nickle-and-Dime everyone from the bagger at the grocery store to their doctor
  • People who are not interested in real estate investing for any reason
  • People who aren’t able to see certain expenses as viable  investments with legit ROI
  • People who believe investing means buying only stocks
  • People who are deathly afraid of the term “debt” and aren’t able to objectively learn about how to use it for creating wealth.
  • Going along with the previous point; People who believe only what Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman have to say about money
  • People who are afraid of loosening their grip on their money
  • You can’t stand to have someone “sell” you something
  • People addicted to Get Rich Quick promises
  • The list could go on and on!

Who is Strongbrook for:

  • You understand or desire to learn the difference between good debt and bad debt and how to use Strongbrook is not for everyone - who it is forgood debt to create lasting wealth.
  • You see the potential and the evidence that real estate can create tremendous wealth if done right.
  • You understand that all things worth while take time while implementing a plan with defined benchmarks and goals.
  • You understand that succeeding in almost anything is a “team” effort.
  • You understand the value of working with and compensating professionals who provide great service.
  • You feel that taking control of your finances especially your retirement is critical to surviving and actually having a retirement.
  • You don’t have the time or desire necessary to become an expert in real estate investing, tax planning, estate planning, advanced cash management strategies, legal entities etc…
  • You see value in retaining access to a vast store of readily available experience and knowledge about crucial topics as those listed in the previous point.
  • You understand that true wealth is created, grown, and managed in a sophisticated way that is not mainstream and you may even be ridiculed by those less informed than you.
  • You adopt the mindset that consuming all your resources on things that don’t create long lasting wealth is foolish and irresponsible.
  • You understand and try to live the “Law of the Harvest”.
  • You know that you don’t know everything and humbly seek out, understand, and incorporate truth into your life.
  • This list could go on and on too!

In these two lists you can clearly see there is a difference between who Strongbrook is for and those it is not for.

This is by no means is an exhaustive list so feel free to add your own items.

This company will be the first to tell somebody they are not a good fit if that truly is the case. There is no shame for a company or service provider to admit that their products and services aren’t for everyone.

You will surely run into people especially in online forums that will sway you one way or another by offering their several opinions.

The problem with this is that many of those people have never heard of let alone objectively investigated whether Strongbrook provides great services or not.

You owe it to yourself to investigate at the source to ascertain for yourself. Ask the tough questions and do it with an open mind and a grain of salt.

Truly it all boils down to one thing…, your goals, and your unique situation.

So do your research, ask lots of thoughtful questions, get clear on what you want, and for your own sanity stop believing everything you hear online or otherwise  positive or negative about Strongbrook and their services.

I highly recommend getting your Game Plan Report. Its free and non-binding. Its simply a step in finding out if what Strongbrook offers is for you or not.

Strongbrook Is Not For Everyone by Joe Nielsen

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