Real Estate is Still on Sale – How you can capitalize on this opportunity!

Real Estate is Still on Sale

Retirement accounts previously devastated by the recession are seeing HUGE gains in discounted real estate by investing with their self-directed IRAs.

You all may know what happened in the larger metropolitan areas of Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Tennessee and many other states both leading up to and after the real estate bubble.

Simply put, the real estate prices plummeted.


But If you forgot let me recap here:

Large numbers of retirees, job hopefuls, and investors flocked to these areas (not all these states saw the same activity) and bought up tons of real estate with lots of debt and speculation.

Builders saw this as an influx of demand for more housing and began building like crazy to keep up. As this profitable market rolled forward and the lending laws remained very lax during the first few years of 2000 the prices simply soared and many people made lots of money.

This “demand” pushed prices to artificial highs, which meant the structures that were being bought were in reality worth less than what people were paying for them. Even so, the banks kept lending.

All of a sudden a shift occurred which pulled the carpet out from under millions. Home values plummeted and almost overnight people were upside-down on their mortgages. Many speculators were left holding the bag as they say.

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To make matters worse millions of those same people lost their jobs and saw drastic losses in their retirement accounts anywhere from 30-80%. This loss is only barely breaking even now and is in reality at risk to collapse once again.

Soon the tsunami of foreclosures washed over the country and it seems it had a bone to pick with a handful of markets, namely: Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida etc.

This resulted in thousands of properties being foreclosed, requiring the banks to liquidate these newly acquired liabilities. Why were they liabilities? Because no one could afford to pay a mortgage the banks had to eat the cost in many cases.

This massive cost on their balance sheets drove the banks to offer these properties to investment institutions and individuals for steep discounts!

These discounts are not just cheaper than the previous inflated highs, but rather are being offered at prices lower than what it costs the builders to build them.

This means when new construction picks up again, and it has in many markets, then your property you bought for a nice discount immediately goes up in value to meet and exceed the building costs of newer units.

Bada-bing bada-boom! Simple and very smart if you can get into these markets where the Real Estate is still on SALE!!

Check out more information on market cycles that we are currently in and what it means for you.

You’ve been hearing it now for years!

So why have you not capitalized on this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Let me share with you how to take advantage of these amazing deals!

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Real Estate is still on Sale –  How you can capitalize on this opportunity! By Joe Nielsen


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