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The mission of Strongbrook’s organization is to help clients create, manage, protect and grow their wealth. Strongbrook’s complete wealth blueprint demonstrates how to secure and enjoy investment and retirement income that you control, and allows you to:

• Reallocate assets into the most effective real estate
markets to match your priorities – maximum equity
growth, maximum monthly cash flow, or both.

• Generate income to acquire the assets necessary to
invest in real estate.

• Manage your money with potentially tax-free

• Know when to buy, sell and transition to other

• Create reliable income that you can depend on for
your retirement.

• Protect your assets with LLCs and customized
estate plans.


Create, Grow, Manage,and Protect Wealth

Retirement Money Problems

Longevity Risk & Asset Spend Down Risk

One of the biggest fears most people planning for retirement face is the possibility of running out of money, either because they live longer than they expected (longevity risk) or because their monthly withdrawals begin to exceed their retirement asset’s ability  to create surplus cash, and they are forced to spend their principle until the assets are gone (spend down risk).  

A Retirement “Nest Egg” You May Never Have to “Spend-Down”


Once you have created the asset base of investment-grade rental homes necessary to produce enough cash to meet your monthly cash needs, you’re free to spend that cash with little fear of the “nest egg” being spent-down.

Why? Because spending the net rental income from your homes doesn’t decrease the value of the home itself.
The same is not necessarily true of other retirement assets.

Very few people are lucky enough to have amassed enough retirement assets to be able to meet all of their cash needs without spending down the assets.

For most people, it’s a lifetime of saving and trying to accumulate the largest retirement “nest egg” they can, and when new income is no longer coming in, the spend down begins.

Then they hope that longevity risk and/or spend down risk doesn’t cause their assets to be spent to zero.

How We Do What We Do

Strongbrook Professional Team

Facilitated Real Estate


Strongbrook’s desire is to empower people to change their lives by giving them the tools and knowledge to take control over their financial destiny.

By assisting people in purchasing residential rental real estate that produces continuous positive cash flow and growth, we help people realize their dreams and achieve their financial goals.

Our strengths are our proprietary investing system and power team, comprised of leading experts in every aspect of real estate.

These experts seek out real estate that meets our exacting criteria and then offers these properties exclusively to Strongbrook clients.

If needed, Strongbrook can assist clients to find tenants, manage the property and collect the rent.

With the experience they have gained, many of our clients manage their own properties and avoid management fees.

Team = Success

Proven Track Record


Real estate today — as it always has been — is one of the single most powerful wealth-creation engines. However, it is only powerful and consistent if you understand exactly how to invest in current market conditions – conditions that are frequently fluctuating.

It takes enormous expertise to manage investment-grade real estate correctly on a long-term basis to consistently generate positive cash flow and sustain growth.

Although some may have coincidentally timed the market “just right” for instant success, this does not make them an expert – simply lucky; and as a result, their success is usually short-lived.

Strongbrook’s professionals have proven their expertise with hundreds of millions of dollars in successful real estate transactions.

With Strongbrook, the lifestyle and retirement of your dreams can become a reality. Strongbrook has proven this through the entire real estate cycle — when prices were rising, when they were falling, and when they were flat.

The depth and breadth of our experience and expertise are very real financial assets for our clients, as it can be for you.

Strongbrook provides a wide scope of services, backed by years of experience, and a proven track record across all levels of the real estate market.

We believe there isn’t a professional team in America that will give you more confidence in your real estate investment choices than Strongbrook.

Finding the Best Deals


Every investor wants the maximum return for minimum risk.

To assist our clients in their accomplishment of this goal, Strongbrook has a nationwide network of professionals combing through  sources of real estate opportunities in what we believe are the best markets around the country.

Our team works around the clock, every day of the year. No single individual could possibly match this kind of research power, or master the combined ability of our team in spotting the “hidden gems” in the real estate market.

After finding a promising property, our experts analyze each and every aspect of it. They analyze the discounted price, property condition, likely rehab costs (if any), rental demand and numerous other factors to help clients determine the property’s possibilities as an investment.

Without this extensive knowledge, investors would have to rely on guesswork or be forced to spend hundreds of hours researching the properties on their own.

It’s no wonder that across America, in all 50 states, people from all walks of life are choosing Strongbrook to help them realize their financial dreams and retirement goals.

What is a Free Game Plan?

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Additional Helpful Information

getting started with a custom game plan assessment


If you would like to schedule a custom Game Plan Assessment, you can get in touch with me ( your Strongbrook representative, or click here to make your request. 

This consultation includes detailed explanations and suggests options for accelerating your portfolio. This consultation is our free gift to you, regardless of your current financial portfolio.
If you are just starting out, starting over, looking to secure your retirement or already wealthy, your Game Plan Assessment will demonstrate the steps necessary to take advantage of today’s economy to create the highest and safest residual income possible.

No matter where you are in your financial life, your dreams CAN become reality.

It takes a plan.

It takes a system.

It takes a team.

With & Strongbrook you’ll find all three.