Nielsen Consulting Releases Highly Anticipated Guide On How To Get Into Real Estate Investing

Nielsen Consulting Releases Highly Anticipated Guide On How To Get Into Real Estate Investing

June 08, 2015

Nielsen Consulting, a Utah based consultation firm, has announced their recent guide on how to get into real estate investing. The company has made it clear that they are highly passionate about educating the public on the subject of real estate investment, as they believe that this is the great equalizer in the investment industry. They have said the following regarding their stance on how the appropriate knowledge can create success in real estate:

“Those with the right education dramatically decrease the risk associated with investing in real estate while those without the proper education risk losing it all.”

Aside from having the appropriate education, the team at Nielsen Consulting also believes strongly in the asset of experience. For this reason, they have merged their services with Strongbrook in order to offer clients a large team of more than two hundred professionals, who help in the area of investing, and make investments for clients. This team is put in place to teach, train, offer professional insight into the real estate investment world, and also create a strong foundation for all investors so that everybody starts out with equal access. The company believes that real estate is a team sport, and has stated:

“It has been my passion to locate and network with highly motivated and customer service oriented people and companies within the real estate, insurance, small business, and estate planning industries to build my own personal growing portfolio. I strongly believe in leveraging people and their skill sets to achieve win-win outcomes with all my investing and business transactions.”

Among the services provided by the consulting firm, a free game plan is put in place for new clients; this is a snap shot of assets which are currently held by a client, with an explanation of how those assets could make for a highly successful portfolio in the real estate investment world. The free game plan is a precursor to what the team of professionals offer, and it is reportedly followed by a number of other services and features which provide the tools and knowledge necessary to make the snap shot a reality.

Nielsen Consulting believes in a system known as, “Done for you real estate investing.” This takes the pressure off of clients and allows the entire process to become something far less strenuous and more of a learning experience for future endeavors. They reportedly have brought a high level of success in real estate to a multitude of investors, but unlike competitor firms, their focus tends to stand with the concept of real estate for beginners.

For those interested in learning more about Nielsen Consulting and what they have to offer in terms of real estate investment and their other services, they invite investors, both new and experienced, to visit their website. The site includes an abundance of information, including a blog and breakdown of company values. They encourage individuals who are new to investing to take part in their free game plan, and learn more about what they can do to expand and successfully implement their portfolio for a positive financial future.


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