My Mission

Here at Nielsen Consulting I have a mission to be dedicated in educating and offering my readers and clients a single source and supporting resources for comprehensive alternative retirement and financial opportunities in order to take control of their financial futures.Success with a Team of Experts

These sources include affiliate links with companies and services I use and/or believe would be helpful in accomplishing this goal.

It has been my passion to locate and network with highly motivated and customer service oriented people and companies within the real estate, insurance, small business, and estate planning industries to build my own personal growing portfolio.

I strongly believe in leveraging people and their skill sets to achieve win-win outcomes with all my investing and business transactions.

These professionals work harmoniously in tailoring a custom, simple to understand, step-by-step system for individuals to create, manage, grow, and protect their financial lives  where ever they are on their financial or retirement journey!

Education is key but having an actionable plan and a team of dedicated professionals to help execute that plan is priceless!

Happy FamilyI believe that many of these services are key to establishing a solid foundation upon which to create, manage, grow, and protect life’s greatest assets. Most importantly family and loved ones.

I personally use or have used the professional services promoted or reviewed within the pages of this site including numerous books and educational materials.

I am pleased you have found and I hope to provide excellent material that is both educational, engaging, and empowering.

Please feel free to join in on the conversation in a respectful manner and let’s learn together!

I offer a free e-book with supporting legal document templates and an in-depth video series to help you get started! It’s my gift to you.


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– Joe Nielsen