New Program Makes Real Estate Investing for Beginners Easy

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The real estate education industry is just that; education. Now there is a company who makes real estate investing for beginners easy because they actually do the deal making for their clients.

New Program Makes Real Estate Investing for Beginners Easy

( — January 31, 2015) Layton, Utah — It was once only seen on late night infomercials but is now all over the internet and creeping into your emails and your smart phone.

Promises of great wealth and the high life are common in these promotions but there is a glaring problem in the real estate investing education industry.

The problme is that consumers are enticed to spend as little as $100 and as much as $50,000 just for education!

That’s equivalent to a four year degree at a local university.

The actual work and implementation of the material is left up to you.

No real estate transactions ever take place with this current model and the majority who have spent the money on these programs know firsthand that the failure rate is astronomical.

This fundamental disconnect of “buy education and the rest is left up to you” has existed for decades but now an innovative approach has arrived.

Strongbrook is a company that has identified this disconnect and has endeavored to change the way education in real estate investing is done.

Their motto is, “We Don’t Just Teach Real Estate, We Do Real Estate” has made investing and owning profitable real estate easy and simple even for the novice.

Their system breaks the industry standard by seeing greater than 60% of their clientele transact real estate within the first 6 months of coming on board and purchase an average of two investment properties a year.

What’s so unique about Strongbrook?

While traditional “educational programs” teach concepts, theory, and math behind investing in real estate they fail by leaving it up to the client to implement the information; Strongbrook has a novel approach.

Strongbrook’s mission is to educate their clients by actively investing in real estate with their client and according to the client’s personal goals and desires.

Strongbrook founder and President Kris Krohn personally used a whole team of experts to grow his personal portfolio. He readily admits that if he was left to do it alone he would have never amassed a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

The “team” that facilitated his success is what Strongbrook now offers its clients.

The single most important, yet most difficult aspect of successful real estate investing is finding and building a competent team that shares your desire, understands your goals, and works with you in a mutually beneficial way.

Like other programs, extensive education is a part of the process, but unlike other programs it is not the main focus; rather, assessing a client’s personal situation then crafting, what they call an investment Game Plan which the company and the client will then act on immediately.

Strongbrook is built around a team of over 200 experts in all fields relating to transacting real estate.

These professionals include: mortgage brokers, real estate brokers and agents, insurance brokers and agents, property management companies, market analysis specialists, personal project managers who act as an advisor and liaison for clients, legal entity set-up, and every other ancillary service essential to being successful in this industry.

In short they offer their clients the “team” that facilitates the investing process.

All decision making is left to the client but the client is never left alone as they are guided by experts the entire way, which drastically reduces risks and mistakes.

The properties clients purchase are owned 100% by the client including all profits in monthly cash flows, tax write offs, depreciation, and future capital gains if and when the property sells.

Where does Strongbrook make its money?

Though many services are rendered at a discount for their clients, both Strongbrook and their clientele benefit from economies of scale. Due to the large number of transactions Strongbrook is overseeing monthly they choose to make their money on helping their clients purchase more real estate in volume.

To help potential clients learn more and understand what Strongbrook has to offer, there is a complimentary free Personalized Game Plan and free e-book available here.

Due to strong loyalty from existing clients Strongbrook does not participate in marketing campaigns and therefore relies on a referral based system for obtaining new clients.


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    • Hi Kari,
      I would agree with you. There certainly is a different way to tackle things.
      This program is saving people’s retirements and changing lives for the better.
      I’m proud to say I am one of those!

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