Invest in Rental Property - But Don't Do It Alone!

Invest in Rental Property – But don’t do it alone!

Have you been thinking that you should invest in rental property to create or grow wealth?

Has the slow shift in media coverage about the housing recovery convinced you that now it is “safe” to own rental property again?

Or has the idea of investing in real estate always been in the back of your mind but you just never knew how to get started or when you did look into it you were scared away by all the complexities?

If you answered yes, then I’m speaking to you!

Invest in Rental Property - But Don't Do It Alone!

It’s a sad reality that in the last 100 years the ownership of real estate by average people like you and me has literally flipped.

In fact the percent of people who own their home in the United States is currently at its lowest point since the 1970s.

In the early 1900’s roughly 97% of average citizens owned their own homes, farms, land, stores, factories etc…

Today, however the number of people who own their own house, land, or income producing real estate is at a miserable 3%!!

So what happened?

In my article The Original Retirement Plan I discuss how the industrial revolution drove people from ownership and entrepreneurial footings to working for someone else’s dream in exchange for a “retirement”.

Many of you know that your day job is creating and sustaining someone else’s fortune and not your own.

So why would investing in real estate be a good thing?

Today, more so than any other time in history, there are hundreds of thousands of professionals within many industries that have grown up in support of real estate in general and investing in it more specifically.

In addition to the sheer popularity of it, the current market offers deals that we haven’t seen since the Great Depression! The world’s very first billionaire became the “B” word because of real estate.

Real estate has made more people financially independent than any other asset class in history. What’s more, the business model is super simple and this asset is something you know lots about already.

The opportunity exists. Industry professionals are abundant. The market is fantastic and you want in, right?

So what’s holding you back?

Problme SolutionYou don’t want to deal with renters? You think you need to be an expert before you can safely navigate these “risky” waters? Or maybe you feel you don’t have the money or time.

Maybe you don’t see the value in buying a property renting it out over 30 years and pouring money into it every so often just to keep it rent ready?

You know what? I totally agree with you! On almost every point!

You don’t have to be the expert or have tons of money!

I’ll tell you exactly how I have been able to invest in rental property in five different states! I am an average income earner at my day job, I have OK credit, I am NOT an expert, yet I am successfully transacting profitable real estate deals all over the country!

I’ll soon be happily unemployed thanks to my investments!

How can this be, you ask?

I decided in 2004 that I was going to invest in real estate no matter what.

I also knew that I needed a team of experts who could help guide me past the pitfalls many newbies Avoid Rookie Mistakesmake!

I had gone to a seminar once in mid 2004 where one of the speakers said that I could hire him for $5,000. He then would hold my hand an walk me through my first deal.

I was sold, but I soon left the country for two years to serve mission for my church. When I  got home in 2007  I looked him up, but while I was doing that I heard of a similar but different approach that resonated much more with what I wanted.

Not just one person to help me but a whole team!

The Power Team of Experts!

I heard of a group of over 200 professionals in the real estate industry and supporting industries who seamlessly work together acquiring top performing single family investment grade real estate for their clients!

I learned from tons of reading and investigation that the number one most difficult thing in order to successfully invest in real estate was building a competent team of professionals around you to facilitate and advise your very important investing decisions.

Success with a Team of Experts

What I found was that this team DOES ALL THE WORK FOR ME while I call the shots after being tutored by people who are doing what I want to do!

Frankly, I was blown away. Every other seminar or guru I have ever attended and studied were all selling information.

Not a single one of them were actually committed to my success by actually walking me through every transaction.

All of the concerns, doubts, and excuses I had before were completely gone. This was and is a game changer. I know many many people family, friends, acquaintances etc.. whose lives have been changed for the better because of this opportunity.

I scheduled my Free Game Plan where they created a customized step-by-step actionable plan with my stats and goals in mind. While going over my game plan I decided to hire them as my personal investment power team!

Where am I now?

That was over four years ago. Since then I have witnessed countless people’s lives change for the better because they decided to invest in rental property the right way with the right team.

I have purchased many homes all of which have produced excellent monthly cash flow returns and a few of the properties located in the nations hottest markets are experiencing double digit equity growth!

What I recommend you should do!

I believe very strongly that you owe it to yourself and those who depend on you to learn about this power team and then schedule your Free Game Plan to assess what possibilities are out there for you.

Happy investing and please leave a comment below!

Invest in Rental Property – But don’t do it alone! By Joe Nielsen


  1. Yes I totally agree that you should not go alone. I have heard so many horror stories about nasty tenants most notably students and drug users. Students are ok if you don’t have too much valuable finishings within the house and you will need quite a bit of help when they vacate. Drug users, well you can never be sure if they are or not when they take the property. But then again there are tonnes of other messy noisy people outside of these cartegories.

    • Haha!
      Yes it seems we only hear about the nightmare horror stories when it comes to things like investing in real estate.
      I can assure you there are many many more good stories they just aren’t as fun to tell at dinner!

  2. I always knew there was potential in rental property, but never knew to what extent! I must check this out some point in the future. You have a wonderful way of expressing this information, and I’ll be back for more. Do you happen to have any tips for those that are seeking to rent at the current moment?

    • Hi Matthew,
      Thank you for your comment and compliment!
      Yes there is huge potential in owning properties that produce positive cash flow.
      As far as becoming a tenant there are a few things you can do:
      1- Call different property management companies in the area you are looking and ask for current market rates that they charge for the type of home you are seeking to rent.
      2- Ask the management company if the landlord for the particular property you are interested in has been quick to approve work orders and repairs.
      3- If you are dealing directly with the landlord then ask them the same questions.
      4- Also make sure the contracts they give you are legal and fair. You can have an attorney look them over for a minimal fee.
      Hope these start you off in the right direction!

      • Ohh first!!! Thanks Joe. You’ve helped take this newbie to a well performing portfolio in 18 months. Last night committed to be project manager of a new partnership. Learning and growing every day.

        • Hi Bruna,
          Glad to hear you are making progress in your REI career!

  3. Good Article – Joe! You and I have much in common. The problem that many would be investors had was that many many hard money or private money lenders just were not telling the truth. When it came time to write the check, they balked, then walked. This has happened time and time again with myself as well as many other investors for whom I had found properties. You not only need a team, you need an equity partner or funding source who won’t back out on you. Good read – Keep up the Good Work!

    • Hi Toni,
      Thanks for the comment and compliment!
      I can understand the frustration of those investors who didn’t receive the
      funding that would make their deals a reality.
      There are many scams out there right now too that potential investors need to
      watch out for if they are going to use hard/private money for deals.
      I personally feel that an investor should build a good resume of buying and operating
      income producing properties the traditional way before seeking private funds even though
      private funds are generally based on the property and numbers instead of the individual.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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