A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform dedicated to teaching people all over the world to build a successful business online. A review by Joe Nielsen.

(Newswire.net — March 12, 2015) Layton, Utah — Since the downturn in the world economy in 2008 people have flocked online to find alternative ways to create an income for themselves.

It is well known that there is big money to be made from the billions of users of the world-wide-web, but it still remains a mystery for most.

It is also well known that work-from-home and make-money-online programs are, to put it bluntly, a waste of time and money, or in other words a complete scam.

There exists a few online marketers around the world who truly do make many millions of dollars running legitimate online businesses and there are many many more that manage to actually make a living online.

The unfortunate truth is that 95% of all start up small businesses shut their doors in the first few years and this certainly applies to online start-ups as well.

Technology in our day is ever changing and so is the online world of business.

For the hopeful and eager newcomer to the industry of online marketing and business it can and most likely will be, full of pitfalls, booby-traps, disappointment and outright failure.

Is there hope a for people who desire to work hard to build an income producing business online?

I am happy to announce that there is such a place.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a worldwide community of entrepreneurs who care about the success of one another and generously give of their time, talents, and knowledge to help everyone be successful.

In the announcement above I did not call WA a “product”, instead I purposely call it a place.

Most products lose their functionality and utility after a while requiring the buyer to upgrade or replace their old worn out widget.

Wealthy Affiliate is a place that is perfectly suited to adapt and take advantage of the changing landscape because having a community of very successful business owners naturally leads to fresh ideas, strategies, insights and training that stays ahead of the ever changing dynamic that is internet marketing.

Access is available to anyone anywhere. As long as there is an internet connection you can use you mobile devices to learn-to-earn online. This is way it is a “place” and not a product.

So what does WA offer besides a great community?

Up to date training and lots of it.

Industry experts share their knowledge and expertise on a daily and weekly basis.

The training inside WA is very easy to follow and implement. Step-by-step tutorial videos will even make it easy for the neo-luddite.

These trainings are the coveted “how to” guides to building a successful online business from home without spending thousands of dollars on developers and copywriters.

They can teach anyone how to turn a hobby or passion into a money maker.

Aside from awesome training; access to tools such as keyword research, niche research, instant 24 hour instant messaging, forums on every topic, and a vast archive of discussions and trainings are all readily availabe to help.

Researching topics and keywords is huge, actually writing pertinent and relevant content is a must, and building a website are all tasks that require tools.

biz plan picWealthy Affiliate members area grants you access to those tools.

  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website

These tutorials and lessons are not just a bunch of pdf files that you read and then are left alone to figure out how to implement the information.

We’ve all heard it said that everyone learns differently. This is so important when learning something that is completely new.

In order to serve their members better  Wealthy Affiliate offers learning available in various formats.

There are lessons that cover a wide range of topics related to online marketing.

Here is a simple run down:

  • Learn what and how to find a niche market
  • learn the importance of keywords and how to use them for your topic
  • Learn how to create content that is compelling and draws an audience via blog posts and social media
  • Learn how to build your own website how you want it
  • Learn where to find free resources for media and other useful tools
  • Build and use 2 free websites
  • Weekly Live Training Sessions
  • Classrooms
  • Real Time Discussions etc.

What will it cost you try Wealthy Affiliate?

There is no cost! Start right now for free just by creating a free account with your name and a valid email address.

One thing I have learned in life is that a team working together for the betterment of the whole is so much more powerful than a one-man-shop.


At WA you can expect to be successful in your online endeavor because there is a huge and very competent team behind you.

From the very beginning, Wealthy Affiliate instills in its members that in order to be successful you need to treat this like a business and work on it every day.

Just remember that the training and tools inside Wealthy Affiliate only work if you do.

A little background.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson who themselves are very accomplished internet marketers. They own and run the platform and have spent many years and lots of money to make this system what it is today.

You get to use a system that has been refined through trial and error so you know that you are getting information that has been tried, tested, and proven to work.

The best way to know if Wealthy Affiliate is for you is to give it a free test drive. Build your free website, write your content, and begin your online journey today and make the most of the free access.

After you have gone through the first module and familiarized yourself with the vast opportunities inside WA then you can make an educated decision to go Premium and take your online business to the next level or not.

How many ways can someone make money online? Well in reality you can make money online with whatever you are passionate about.

WA is truly the only “all inclusive” online business platform in the market.


  1. This article has deilfnteiy captured the key essentials that you must know if you want to establish a business or if you want to compete online. Building an effective website is truly a must-do whenever you desire to indulge yourself in an online business venture. I also agree when the writer tackles about the functionality and giving enough time to it.

    • Hi Vonnapon,
      Thanks for the comments!
      Yes this is the age of information and being in business means being an online business as well.
      One doesn’t need to know everything there is to know but a basic understanding of how it works
      and its importance is vital.

  2. I’m always afraid of scams, but I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate since November and I’ve found it to be a wealth of information. I can be extremely overwhelming to start an online business or blog and Wealthy Affiliate has been amazing. I did all the free courses and it was a no brainer. I wanted to learn more and signed up.

    • Hi Hayley,
      Yes scams are rampant. It seems everyone wants to make a quick buck at the expense of someone else.
      I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliate and have been working towards your goals the right and ethical way.
      Thanks for the comments!

      • Got it! Thanks a lot again for heinplg me out!

        • Anytime Tory!

    • I have to admit that the required ptaeince and the concept that it will not happen overnight’ is still one of the areas I have to work on:) It’s easy to get discouraged, but in the end it will be worth it.

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