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Offering readers and clients a well-rounded and structured platform for alternative retirement and financial opportunities in order to take control of their financial futures with a primary focus on real estate.

It takes passion, persistence, and sacrifice to locate and network with highly motivated and customer service oriented people and companies within diverse but complimentary industries to build a solid financial foundation.


Education is key but having an actionable plan and a team of dedicated professionals to help execute that plan is priceless!

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I am both a transacting client with Strongbrook and also an Independent Consultant with Strongbrook Direct which is the marketing division.

As an active client I have full and unfettered access to the entire team of 200+ professionals at Strongbrook to help me invest in real estate in the best markets all over the country and in my own backyard here in Utah.


I also setup my LLCs and Comprehensive Estate Plan with their professional aid and services.

As an Independent Consultant I have the great pleasure to educate others about the groundbreaking services that Strongbrook provides and help educate people about the difference between consumer and investor thinking and actions.

As I use and benefit from these services personally I find it only fitting and natural that I share such an opportunity with others with the hope that this might be as powerful for them in changing their financial lives as it has been for me and my family.


Can I add value to my property? - A Real Estate AdvantageI am a Husband, a Father, Author/Site Creator at NielsenConsulting.net, Real Estate Investor, Private Capital Commercial Real Estate Lending Specialist and Managing Partner at ClearCapitalGroup.com, Published Researcher, Medical-Laboratory Scientist, have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, an Advocate for financial literacy and freedom, and I am passionate about building a fulfilling and prosperous future for my family and yours.


I am not a licensed financial advisor nor do I play one on TV;  however, to be completely frank, I do not believe one needs to be an “expert” or hold a fancy “license” in order to learn, implement, and educate others about the basic principles of financial literacy.

In truth, schools and institutions do not teach financial advisors the real rules and tools needed to be financially secure and free. I endeavor to shed light on those rules and tools.

I believe every one of us has the capacity to understand what is needed to make wise financial decisions and it all begins with knowledge and the right context for that knowledge to manifest in the real world.

Success with a Team of Experts

I do understand and am very acquainted with the severe lack of “free time” hard working people have to dedicate to learning and implementing wise financial strategies.

With that understanding, I am a huge proponent of finding and hiring others who are actual experts with a record of success to be part of my personal team.  I advise others to do the same.

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